Bio-One of Dayton decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Why We Chose Bio-One


Throughout the last few years we explored different franchises. To be honest we got close to purchasing a DQ, but when it came down to it...we just wanted something we were more passionate about. 
For us that turned out to be Bio-One. While we were working hard getting supplies and getting all our training out in Denver preparing to open our Bio-One franchise we heard one question over and over. Why? Why on earth would you want to clean trauma scenes? For us the answer is simple...we want to help. 
My husband has been a paramedic/ firefighter for the greater part of a decade. And myself, I have been a nurse for 16 years. Helping people is what we went to school for. It is the professions we chose. It is a passion that runs deep for both of us and It is engrained in who we are. We have been with many people on the worst days of their lives. We know with certainty that tragedy can not tell time...or if it can it does not care. It doesn’t care that it’s 3 am and most of the world is sleeping, that it’s Christmas morning and people are opening presents, or that it’s someone’s birthday and they are celebrating...tragedy when it strikes leaves people stunned, traumatized, and heartbroken. They need somewhere to turn, someone to call...we are those people. We help them take those first steps towards picking up the pieces. 
Suicides, homicides, traumatic injuries, burglaries that turn violent, unattended deaths...they all turn people’s lives upside down. And we are there to let them know they aren’t alone and that we can help! Bio-One’s motto of helping first struck a deep chord with us, because we had already been living it for years. 
Now that we have been open for almost a year...we know we made the right choice. Handing someone a blizzard at DQ would have been fun, but just not nearly as heartfelt and rewarding as holding your hand through one of the toughest days of your life. 
When tragedy blindsides you on some random Tuesday at 3pm, call us. You will be our why!! 
Jonathan & Samantha Schaffer
Bio-One Dayton